Sunday, October 21, 2007

(#002) Glorious Goddess Uggalepih?

This image shows a divine being resembling Altana, with her wings spread out and her arms open in a welcoming gesture. She is surrounded by what is perharps a representation of the 8 elemental crystals of the world.

At a time between the Ancient War and the Crystal War, the Kuluu who have mysteriously mutated into Tonberries due to radiation, turned their back on history and embraced a radical new religion that promoted anger against Altana. This “rancor” or great anger would cause the once peaceful race to commit terrible acts against the other races of Vana’diel. They would chant curses within the halls of the Temple of Uggalepih, while holding out their lanterns and daggers as symbols of their desire for justice and revenge. Every night, they gather deep within the bowels of the Den of Rancor, a series of caves which they have dug up, to participate in a vile ceremony that strengthens their common hate for Altana. They cut themselves and pour their blood into altars, as they implore the goddess to restore the lost glory of their so called creator.

It is not known whether Uggalepih is in fact a god-like divinity, or if she belonged to an ancient race, let alone if she existed at all. What’s widely known is that she continues to be worshipped by the Tonberries, and is believed by many to be evil in nature – perhaps as a result of the wicked acts of the Toberries themselves.

Was Uggalepih truly a divine being, smitten because of her beauty that rivaled that of Altana, as told in the Tonberry religion? Was she with the faction of Kuluu who went to Diabolos asking to be cleansed, despite being warned that emptiness was necessary for their survival as a species? Or could it be that she was just an illusion created by the Shadow Lord to spread confusion, enabling him to enlist the aid of the Tonberries as his minions in the impending Crystal War?

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