Sunday, April 26, 2009

Misspelled my email address

I misspelled my email address in the post below. I've corrected it now, sorry ><

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's alive!!! High resolution images on the way

Hi all! :) It's been a while. Been busy with a lot of things. I haven't been playing FFXI lately. Been busy going to the gym, playing saxophone and hanging out with friends. I can actually play a few tunes already :)

I've been meaning to release the high resolution versions of the images I've posted so far. So you guys can print them out if you wanted to :) I just need a proper place to host the images since they're too big for blogspot. Anyone want to volunteer a little bandwidth for the high-res images?

Just email me at or

Also... I've already captured reference screens for the 4th painting, and I might actually render this final image :) But I've been so detached to FFXI lately, I don't think I'm capable of writing the story that would come with it. Any volunteers? If someone did the story, I'd be forced to complete the drawing. hehe.

That's it for now, happing FFXI-ing everyone.