Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hi-res images you can download!

Hi everyone! It took me a while to post these links, but here they are for those who are interested in the high-resolution versions of my artworks. Drop me a message at jjquirante@gmail.com if you like em ;)

Special thanks to Enochroot of Phoenix for helping me upload the higher resolution photos :)

(#001) The Wrath of Bahamut

(#002) Glorious Goddess Uggalepih?

(#003) The Crystal Line Diagram

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Misspelled my email address

I misspelled my email address in the post below. I've corrected it now, sorry ><

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's alive!!! High resolution images on the way

Hi all! :) It's been a while. Been busy with a lot of things. I haven't been playing FFXI lately. Been busy going to the gym, playing saxophone and hanging out with friends. I can actually play a few tunes already :)

I've been meaning to release the high resolution versions of the images I've posted so far. So you guys can print them out if you wanted to :) I just need a proper place to host the images since they're too big for blogspot. Anyone want to volunteer a little bandwidth for the high-res images?

Just email me at jjquirante@yahoo.com or quirante@email.com

Also... I've already captured reference screens for the 4th painting, and I might actually render this final image :) But I've been so detached to FFXI lately, I don't think I'm capable of writing the story that would come with it. Any volunteers? If someone did the story, I'd be forced to complete the drawing. hehe.

That's it for now, happing FFXI-ing everyone.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

FINALLY! is all i can say

PUP AF2? Looks like it... You can tell from the collar alone that this is a recolored version of the existing AF.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Realization

I've come to realize today that I have lost interest in FFXI.

- Its to f***n hard to get anything done with out begging for help from others
- LS mates are always off line because of a severe time difference
- Fishing spots are always cluttered with BOTs, rendering my 100 Fishing & Ebisu virtually useless
- Crafting is too saturated with high levels
- People are still ignorant about PUP and BST and would not invite me for anything
- Magic bursting died a long time ago and I am often forced to solo or manaburn
- Gf would rather chocobo dig and help other people than do things I enjoy
- Endgame is mindless work 95% of the time and demands you to invest so much hard work and trust on linkshells that can dissipate or abandon you at the blink of an eye
- Lots of critical issues in the game that SE only chooses to address little by little just to barely keep the interest (and money) of loyal players

Today, I logged on after taking a very very long break, excited about the new updates. LS mates are just about to log off to sleep, so I can't play with them. I go fishing at SSG and find a cluster of lv1 fishing bots to my dismay. I checked FFXIAH to see how fishing is doing and discover that it's not worth it anyway. I decide to leave and just skill up my puppet to test out the new weaponskills. I try getting an exp party/building a skillup party for 5 hours, no one is interested. I could have spent that time hanging out with friends, or playing Okami or Dragon Quest. Gf was busy crafting, and later tonight she would be busy digging as usual.

This isn't a game for me anymore, it has turned into a boring job where I have to scrape out a living to be able to achieve short periods of hard-earned enjoyment every now and then, if I'm lucky.

4,176 unique visits as of now... I never expected so many people would be interested with the blog. Thank you all for the support. I'm frustrated and terribly sorry that I no longer have the motivation to finish the set of paintings for this blog. I wanted to finish at least all the paintings from the temple... I wish you all loyal FFXI players luck with your endeavors in the game, and in real life.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's Up With Me?!

Hi! I've been trying to fix my portfolio lately. Current work is fine. I'm one of 2 designers in an office primarily composed of programmers. This is the reason why the next update will be a little delayed. Sorry :(

Monday, November 5, 2007

(#003) The Crystal Line Diagram

In the beginning of time, an enormous Sentient Jewel spawned forth a paradise ruled by mighty Gods. Atlana hailed the Goddess of light, and Promathia the God of darkness. While Altana’s heart flowed with unconditional love, Promathia only desired death. To save Promathia from his ultimate will, Altana split the sentient jewel into 5 parts – the “Tears of Altana”. Paradise was no more; the divine Gods fell into slumber within the mother crystals, and the imperfect world of Vana’diel was born.

The Zilart, children of the Gods held dominion over the new world. They possessed the ability to levitate, move objects with their mind, and communicate by means of pure thought through the “Whisper of Souls.” They cultivated an advanced civilization around the mother crystals, and utilized the power of the 8 elements to shape the world. Eventually, a number of Zilart children were born without the Whisper of Souls. Regarded as lower beings, they were cast away from the Celestial Capital of Al’taieu, and formed the Ancient race of “Kuluu”. In-tune with the world, the Kuluu discovered how to harness the power of the terrestrial Gods, enabling them to establish impenetrable strongholds in Pxo’ja, Horotutu and the Temple of Uggalepih.

The Zilart’s quiet contentment was broken when a Zilart boy was suddenly given a vision of paradise. This vision quickly spread to the entire race through the Whisper of Souls. This triggered an ambitious campaign headed by Zilart princes Eald'Narche and Kam'lanaut to enter paradise, against the counsel of the Dawnmaidens.

It was theorized that in order to enter paradise, the light of the 5 mother crystals must be siphoned and re-united as one. To achieve this, the Zilart built massive structures around the mother crystals to harness their light: the Crag of Mea in the Tahrongi Canyon, the Crag of Holla in the Latheine Plateau, the Crag of Dem in the Konschtat Highlands, the Crag of Vahzl in Xarcabard and the final crystal was encased by Capital City of Al’taieu itself, over the Sea of Shu’meyo. Pathways of energy or “crystal lines” were built to properly direct the siphoned light. The five crystal lines converged deep below the Delkruftt Tower, a structure which served as the power core of the Floating City of Tu’lia and the Celestial Capital of Al’taieu.

A prominent section of the crystal line, found stretching across the Meriphataud Mountains was eventually named “Drogaroga’s Spine” by the Tatutaru, as it resembled the back bone of what could have been a gigantic Heavenly Dragon. San d’ Orian pastors on the other hand, believed that the long structure is a wall created by Altana to protect the Elvaans from harm.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ancient Memories

"Long, long ago, an ancient race, descended from the gods, flourished in Vana'diel. They traveled through the sky, extracted gold from stones, and gave birth to grasslands across the world."


Sunday, October 21, 2007

(#002) Glorious Goddess Uggalepih?

This image shows a divine being resembling Altana, with her wings spread out and her arms open in a welcoming gesture. She is surrounded by what is perharps a representation of the 8 elemental crystals of the world.

At a time between the Ancient War and the Crystal War, the Kuluu who have mysteriously mutated into Tonberries due to radiation, turned their back on history and embraced a radical new religion that promoted anger against Altana. This “rancor” or great anger would cause the once peaceful race to commit terrible acts against the other races of Vana’diel. They would chant curses within the halls of the Temple of Uggalepih, while holding out their lanterns and daggers as symbols of their desire for justice and revenge. Every night, they gather deep within the bowels of the Den of Rancor, a series of caves which they have dug up, to participate in a vile ceremony that strengthens their common hate for Altana. They cut themselves and pour their blood into altars, as they implore the goddess to restore the lost glory of their so called creator.

It is not known whether Uggalepih is in fact a god-like divinity, or if she belonged to an ancient race, let alone if she existed at all. What’s widely known is that she continues to be worshipped by the Tonberries, and is believed by many to be evil in nature – perhaps as a result of the wicked acts of the Toberries themselves.

Was Uggalepih truly a divine being, smitten because of her beauty that rivaled that of Altana, as told in the Tonberry religion? Was she with the faction of Kuluu who went to Diabolos asking to be cleansed, despite being warned that emptiness was necessary for their survival as a species? Or could it be that she was just an illusion created by the Shadow Lord to spread confusion, enabling him to enlist the aid of the Tonberries as his minions in the impending Crystal War?

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