Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Realization

I've come to realize today that I have lost interest in FFXI.

- Its to f***n hard to get anything done with out begging for help from others
- LS mates are always off line because of a severe time difference
- Fishing spots are always cluttered with BOTs, rendering my 100 Fishing & Ebisu virtually useless
- Crafting is too saturated with high levels
- People are still ignorant about PUP and BST and would not invite me for anything
- Magic bursting died a long time ago and I am often forced to solo or manaburn
- Gf would rather chocobo dig and help other people than do things I enjoy
- Endgame is mindless work 95% of the time and demands you to invest so much hard work and trust on linkshells that can dissipate or abandon you at the blink of an eye
- Lots of critical issues in the game that SE only chooses to address little by little just to barely keep the interest (and money) of loyal players

Today, I logged on after taking a very very long break, excited about the new updates. LS mates are just about to log off to sleep, so I can't play with them. I go fishing at SSG and find a cluster of lv1 fishing bots to my dismay. I checked FFXIAH to see how fishing is doing and discover that it's not worth it anyway. I decide to leave and just skill up my puppet to test out the new weaponskills. I try getting an exp party/building a skillup party for 5 hours, no one is interested. I could have spent that time hanging out with friends, or playing Okami or Dragon Quest. Gf was busy crafting, and later tonight she would be busy digging as usual.

This isn't a game for me anymore, it has turned into a boring job where I have to scrape out a living to be able to achieve short periods of hard-earned enjoyment every now and then, if I'm lucky.

4,176 unique visits as of now... I never expected so many people would be interested with the blog. Thank you all for the support. I'm frustrated and terribly sorry that I no longer have the motivation to finish the set of paintings for this blog. I wanted to finish at least all the paintings from the temple... I wish you all loyal FFXI players luck with your endeavors in the game, and in real life.


Millions Knives said...

T_T I'd been meaning to /t you and get you to post some more pics!

All fair points about FFXI sadly, I tend to prat about all day in ffxi and enjoy ranting about those problems to my friends hahah ^_^; You made some great art tho, gl in whatever you do next.

Anonymous said...

Howdy there sir, Vana'diel has change so many times in the 5 years I have played. Your heart is here and that is very obvious from you great work on the blog and pictures. Do not give up on FFXI yet. When I could not take it anymore I made the Final Fantasy radio station for the linkshells that you have so kindly listed here. The game now is something to savor with friends for me. I will never get to kill the uber nm or be the greatest blm the world has ever seen. Nope now I walk the world enjoying the friends chating and living the fantasy life that is there. Stay the journey to the end and see where the story leads. Finish your work you have made here and play the game the way it makes you happy.

jan said...

You seem to have the wrong attitude about the game.

Your missing FFXi's highpoint because your finding yourself disappointed with meaningless time sinks.

isn't it the lore of ffxi that your interested in? Endgame stuff and crafting shouldn't be your focus then.

Anonymous said...
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Binahel said...

I can understand.
I liked your site because it wasn't about grind or exp or end game but about lore.
and Vana'diel is a place of lore and stories and art to discover.
I still venture in the Temple, to see the paintings. I still remember the adventures of the Onion Brigade.
But what happens when no one is there to be with you when you can't do things alone, when you can't visit place alone?
There are still a lot of place to visit, but I don't have access to them because no one helps me anymore.

So I endure. I don't have enough time to play seriously and I don't want. I like this world and I will play it the way I like it, not the way I'm supposed to.
But when I will see that paintings I will remember you and your project. Because it was nice, because it's what this game needs and it's slowly lacking.

Farewall with your life.
May you be happy, adventure.
What you learned through this painting and this stories will be the memories to keep.