Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's Up With Me?!

Hi! I've been trying to fix my portfolio lately. Current work is fine. I'm one of 2 designers in an office primarily composed of programmers. This is the reason why the next update will be a little delayed. Sorry :(

Monday, November 5, 2007

(#003) The Crystal Line Diagram

In the beginning of time, an enormous Sentient Jewel spawned forth a paradise ruled by mighty Gods. Atlana hailed the Goddess of light, and Promathia the God of darkness. While Altana’s heart flowed with unconditional love, Promathia only desired death. To save Promathia from his ultimate will, Altana split the sentient jewel into 5 parts – the “Tears of Altana”. Paradise was no more; the divine Gods fell into slumber within the mother crystals, and the imperfect world of Vana’diel was born.

The Zilart, children of the Gods held dominion over the new world. They possessed the ability to levitate, move objects with their mind, and communicate by means of pure thought through the “Whisper of Souls.” They cultivated an advanced civilization around the mother crystals, and utilized the power of the 8 elements to shape the world. Eventually, a number of Zilart children were born without the Whisper of Souls. Regarded as lower beings, they were cast away from the Celestial Capital of Al’taieu, and formed the Ancient race of “Kuluu”. In-tune with the world, the Kuluu discovered how to harness the power of the terrestrial Gods, enabling them to establish impenetrable strongholds in Pxo’ja, Horotutu and the Temple of Uggalepih.

The Zilart’s quiet contentment was broken when a Zilart boy was suddenly given a vision of paradise. This vision quickly spread to the entire race through the Whisper of Souls. This triggered an ambitious campaign headed by Zilart princes Eald'Narche and Kam'lanaut to enter paradise, against the counsel of the Dawnmaidens.

It was theorized that in order to enter paradise, the light of the 5 mother crystals must be siphoned and re-united as one. To achieve this, the Zilart built massive structures around the mother crystals to harness their light: the Crag of Mea in the Tahrongi Canyon, the Crag of Holla in the Latheine Plateau, the Crag of Dem in the Konschtat Highlands, the Crag of Vahzl in Xarcabard and the final crystal was encased by Capital City of Al’taieu itself, over the Sea of Shu’meyo. Pathways of energy or “crystal lines” were built to properly direct the siphoned light. The five crystal lines converged deep below the Delkruftt Tower, a structure which served as the power core of the Floating City of Tu’lia and the Celestial Capital of Al’taieu.

A prominent section of the crystal line, found stretching across the Meriphataud Mountains was eventually named “Drogaroga’s Spine” by the Tatutaru, as it resembled the back bone of what could have been a gigantic Heavenly Dragon. San d’ Orian pastors on the other hand, believed that the long structure is a wall created by Altana to protect the Elvaans from harm.